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Polypectomy, EMR and ESD

Distal Attachments and Hoods

Single-use soft, straight distal attachments for ESD (endoscopic submucosal dissection)

  • Soft design for improved endoscope insertability
  • To support endoscopic submucosal dissection
  • Side hole for draining fluid
  • Length from distal end of endoscope: 4 mm

Download Compatibility Chart (PDF) Download Compatibility Chart (PDF)

Single-use, soft, straight distal attachments for zoom endoscopes

  • Soft design for improved endoscope insertability
  • Length of cap ensures optimal distance for observation of mucosa

Single-use Distal Attachments ENDOCUFF VISION™

  • To be attached to the distal end of a colonoscope to improve adenoma detection rates (ADR)
  • Manipulates colonic folds to improve visualisation
  • Reduces slippage and difficulties associated with looping

Reusable distal hoods

  • Soft, reusable distal hoods with 2 mm length from distal end of endoscope
  • Black colour to reduce light reflection
  • Main field of use: Zoom endoscopes

Single-use soft wide oblique distal attachments with rim

  • Wide opening for the resection of large surface areas with EMRC
  • Oblique design for tangential approach
  • For use with SD-221L-25, or SD-221U-25
  • Notch marking for optimal positioning of distal tip