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Injection Needles

Single-use injection needles

  • Different needle bevels (upper GI: middle and regular; lower GI: middle) ensure optimal results in both applications
  • Excellent puncture performance with the three-bevel needle tip
  • High-flow lumen for smooth injection with light force
  • Resilient tube sheath allows the needle to be extended easily, even if the sheath is kinked
  • User-friendly handle design for a better grip, facilitating one-handed operation
  • Also available as the 26G version

Single-use injection needles

  • Extra-stiff sheath to enhance penetration and prevent kinking
  • Large range for wide variety of applications
  • Ergonomic handle with positive “click” action
  • Different needle bevels (upper GI: regular; lower GI: short) ensure optimal results in both applications

Single-use injection needles