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Retrieval Devices

Grasping Forceps

Single-Use Rat Tooth and Alligator Jaw Rotatable Grasping Forceps

  • Strong grasping forceps – designed for ERCP stent removal
  • Rat tooth and alligator jaw for firm grip
  • Rotatable for easy positioning

Single-Use Rat Tooth Grasping Forceps

  • For removal of flat objects such as coins, soft objects and stents
  • Rat tooth for firm grip

Single-Use Rubber Tipped Grasping Forceps

  • For sharp or flat objects such as needles and pins
  • Rubber tips provide firm grip

Single-Use V-Shaped Grasping Forceps

  • For thin, flat objects
  • V-shaped, wide-opening prongs
  • Pronounced rat tooth provides a firm grip
  • Prong arms retract into sheath