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Biliary and pancreatic procedures

Guidewire Locking Device and Biopsy Cap

Single-use Guidewire Locking Device and Biopsy Cap

  • Securely locks up to 3 guidewires (0.018” – 0.035”) independently in cases where multiple guidewires are used
  • Easy guidewire identification and convenient positioning for procedural efficiency
  • "Click to Lock" audible and tactile feedback instil confidence that the guidewire is securely locked
  • Integrated biopsy valve allows for smooth device exchange while preventing air/bile leakage
  • Intuitive, stable scope attachment of pre-assembled lock and biopsy valve, does not obstruct hands during device exchanges

Single-Use Distal Cover for Duodenoscopes

  • Allows better access for reprocessing accessories during manual cleaning
  • Disposable cap prevents unintended re-use
  • Transparent cap provides better visualization of the distal end