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Endoscopic Ancillaries


Single-use Distal Attachments ENDOCUFF VISION™

  • To be attached to the distal end of a colonoscope to improve adenoma detection rates
  • Manipulates colonic folds to improve visualisation
  • Reduces slippage and difficulties associated with looping

Single use bite block

  • Larger central opening to accommodate up to 60Fr.(20 mm) oesophageal dilator
  • Larger side ports for better suction of oral fluids
  • Softer material for increased patient comfort
  • Preattached strap for easy fixation

Reusable bite blocks

Single-use air/water, suction & biopsy valve kit

  • Pre-sterilised single-use valves
  • Traceability assured by information stickers
  • Allows immediate preparation by one-step-opening package
  • Air/water flow and suction rate satisfy Olympus standards
  • Silicone-free design
  • Slightly rounded valve top supports air manipulation

SafeSnap 1 – One-chamber Polyp Trap

  • Single-use single-chamber polyp trap
  • Simple and safe polyp retrieval
  • Safety screen filtering the specimen and minimising exposure to body fluids
  • Conical adapter that fits most suction tubes

SafeSnap 4+ – Four-plus chamber Polyp Trap

  • Single-use multi-chamber polyp trap
  • Four individual removable chambers for sample separation and safe transport
  • Safety screen to avoid loss of specimen and to capture additional polyps
  • Individual chambers for a smooth, uninterrupted procedure workflow
  • Conical adaptor that fits most suction tubes

Single-use biopsy valve

  • Innovative, watertight construction
  • Smoother device insertion
  • Secure mounting on the biopsy port
  • Convenient sterile packages

Reusable biopsy valves

Air/water valves

Suction valves

CO₂ delivery


Biopsy/irrigation adaptors

Distal caps

Distal hoods

  • Soft, reusable distal hoods with 2 mm length from distal end of endoscope
  • Black, to reduce light reflection
  • Main field of use: Zoom endoscopes

Splinting Tubes and Overtubes

  • Splinting tubes with inflatable balloon to support the position of the endoscope
  • ST-SB1: For for single-balloon enteroscopy
  • ST-CB1: Suitable for complex therapeutic procedures such as EMR and ESD
  • Hypoallergenic, latex-free design
  • Smooth passage of the endoscope due to hydrophilic coated silicone
  • Compatible with balloon control unit OBC

Auxiliary tubes

Auxiliary tubes

Reusable Auxiliary Tubes