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ESG-300 system

ESG-300 system

  • A complete electrosurgery system fully dedicated to the endoscopist
  • With generator, Argon Plasma Unit, cart and accessories
  • Intuitive user interface with touch-screen navigation for the easy, quick, safe input of settings
  • Wireless foot switch for convenient energy activation and easy toggling between procedure settings
  • Full argon plasma capability: SmartArgon Mode adjusts power automatically relative to the distance from the tissue
  • Storage function for settings
  • 29 languages

ESG-150 system

  • Basic and advanced user levels for adjusted usability
  • Touch screen
  • Storage function for settings
  • 29 languages
  • Aligned with ESG-300: User interface and HF settings are equal

Neutral electrodes

  • Different sizes and designs available to meet all needs of different patient groups
  • Safety ring for optimal current symmetry
  • Hydro-Gel for optimal skin contact
  • Compatible with the ESG family and a broad range of competitor generators
  • Latex-free

Single-use argon plasma coagulation probes

  • Single-use flexible monopolar argon plasma coagulation probes
  • Automatic probe recognition on the generator
  • Distal markings for optimal visibility and safe operation
  • Axial, radial, and lateral tip design for majority of gastrointestinal and respiratory applications
  • Range of different working lengths and diameters matching most endoscope types

Accessories for ESG-100, HF-120, PSD-10, -20, -30, -60, PSD-60/Endoplasma